Business Alarm Systems

Ensuring the safety of your premises and employees from intruders is crucial. Many businesses overlook the severe implications of a break-in—until it’s too late. Specialising in Business Alarm Systems, Hansett has over 30 years of collaboration with the Police, Insurance Companies, and holds NACOSS NSI Gold certification. We install, maintain, and monitor systems that adhere to the highest industry and European standards, guaranteeing that your property, employees, and customers remain secure. Trust Hansett to protect your business.

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Warehouse Alarms

The security requirements of the commercial sector are two fold:

  • Security when Systems are Armed:
    Protect against vandals and thieves with Hansett’s advanced Business Alarm Systems. We provide multi-layered security starting with our RAPPID perimeter defence enhanced by CCTV, directly connected to our monitoring station. Operators can instantly address the site with audible warnings to deter unauthorised entry, preventing damage before it happens. Additional layers include tailored internal alarm systems, and for heightened security, a separate system for bounded sections of your building. Rapid police response is ensured within minutes of any intrusion.
  • Security During Open Hours:
    Maintain vigilance against threats with Hansett’s Business Alarm Systems, featuring robust CCTV surveillance linked to our central monitoring facility. Our operators can issue real-time audible warnings to ward off any unauthorised individuals spotted on your property. Additional security layers include comprehensive internal alarm systems and, if required, specialised systems for restricted areas. In cases where staff safety is compromised, police intervention is immediately activated.

These measures ensure that your business is protected around the clock, safeguarding your property, employees, and customers with Hansett’s reliable Business Alarm Systems.


Shop Alarms

Retail security faces unique challenges, including low margins and high sales costs. Protecting your property and assets against theft and damage is crucial for business success. With Hansett’s Business Alarm Systems, retailers can safeguard against both external and internal threats. As experts in security, we conduct comprehensive site security audits and provide tailored security solutions. Contact us today for a free audit. Hansett’s business alarm systems are designed to protect your people and profits, ensuring your retail operation is secure.

Office Alarms

To enhance security and reduce theft risks in your office, Hansett offers specialised Business Alarm Systems. We provide free consultations to design cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. Whether integrating existing security equipment or creating a standalone system connected to the Police through our NSI-approved Alarm Receiving Centre, we ensure optimal protection. Our team is available 24/7, backed by our NSI Gold certification, which guarantees the highest quality of our services. Contact us to secure your business effectively.

Construction Site Security

Enhance your construction site security with Hansett’s Business Alarm Systems. Utilising the latest technology, we provide specialised layers of security to protect your equipment, machinery, goods, and site from theft. Our NSI-approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitors your site around the clock, using advanced CCTV systems. Immediate alerts to the police and/or key holders are sent as soon as any intrusion is detected. Trust Hansett to keep your construction site secure with our comprehensive business alarm solutions.

Farm Security

Protect your farm with Hansett’s Business Alarm Systems. Understanding the critical need to safeguard buildings, materials, machinery, and livestock, we offer a comprehensive range of security measures tailored for farm environments. Our solutions adhere to the highest industry standards and are both insurance and police approved. For a free, no-obligation consultation on how we can help secure all areas of your farm with our business alarm systems, contact our expert team today.

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